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Radiation Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Radiation Safety and Regulatory ComplianceOMPC has years of experience in providing policies and procedures to medical facilities to maintain compliance with all Ohio Department of Health regulations regarding radiation safety.

  If you need to start your program from scratch or touch up an existing program, we can assist you.  Our staff has over a decade of experience with Ohio’s regulatory agencies – we know how to comply with Ohio’s regulations and our program has been field-tested over many inspections throughout the years.

OMPC can supply pre-made policies and procedures, tailored to your specific needs.  As new regulations come into effect or old regulations undergo changes, we inform you of the impact that will have on your operation and take the steps necessary to keep you in compliance.  We don’t just drop a manual on your desk – we are available throughout the year for consultation, so when problems or questions arise, we get you the answers you need beforehand, not just point out deficiencies after the fact.  Although this service primarily covers machine generated radiation sources, we certainly offer this service for radioactive materials also – see Radioactive Materials License Auditing and Radiation Safety Officer Services.

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