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Radiation Therapy Services

Radiation Therapy Imaging Quality Assuranc

Radiation Therapy Imaging Quality AssuranceCT simulation has become an integral part of the treatment planning process.  Ensuring that all systems involved in the simulation, planning, and then treatment process are accurately functioning is imperative.

  Obtaining the equipment necessary for this process can be expensive and time consuming for the on-site physicist.  OMPC can do this for you!

OMPC can enhance your existing QA program by offering a complete end to end analysis of your simulation, planning and treatment process using the Lucy® 3D QA phantom.  Using this single phantom, the following items can be evaluated:

  • CT Simulation laser accuracy
  • Spatial resolution
  • Image registration accuracy
  • Volume calculation accuracy
  • Tissue heterogeneity correction constancy (using CIRS phantom)
  • Dose calculation accuracy

In addition, CTDI and other diagnostic testing can be performed.

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