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Annual Linear Accelerator QA

Annual Linear Accelerator QAIn today’s busy, cost conscious oncology practice, performing the annual linear accelerator QA can be burdensome for the on-site physicist as well as costly to maintain the expensive equipment needed to perform this important quality assurance.

OMPC has the right equipment in order to perform all testing required by the AAPM and ACR for annual evaluation.  Our equipment is designed to be portable – alleviating the need for your facility to purchase expensive equipment that is just used once a year!  The following tests are performed during an annual evaluation:

  • AAPM TG-51 calibration
  • Includes 3rd party TLD verification required by ODH
  • Photon output constancy for each beam energy
  • Electron output constancy for each beam energy
  • Percent depth dose constancy for each photon and electron energy
  • Off-axis factor constancy for all photon and electron energies
  • PDD’s and Profiles compared to TPS data as well as previous machine data
  • All wedges tested
  • Transmission factor for all treatment accessories
  • MLC, Wedge, Block, Tray
  • Monitor chamber linearity
  • Output constancy versus gantry angle
  • Off-axis factor constancy versus gantry angle
  • Safety interlock functionality
  • Collimator, gantry and table rotation isocenter verification
  • Table tests
  • Table top sag
  • 3 dimensional table motion accuracy

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